On 10/26/07, William Allen Simpson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> Now that it looks like the long years of effort on 2.1 have reached
> fruition, it's time for my work from last May on civ3-like terrain
> for the editor!
> I've already integrated the water (PR#39381), as there had been
> several previous and partial attempts.
> I've had to cleanup a lot of other functions along the way.
> Here's my re-integration to current source.  It attempts to harmonize
> the existing civ1-like and civ2-like rulesets, that inexplicably use
> different identifiers in savegames.  Mismatched identifiers are
> automatically converted.
> All the rulesets were read in 4 passes.  This gets the terrain.ruleset
> down to 3 passes, by saving the section names between passes.
> For some odd reason, there's a color for each terrain.  Not knowing why,
> I've left that for another ticket.  This one will cause the client to
> issue error/warnings.  They don't seem to have any ill effect.
> Also, the generator will need more work.  I've left the current system
> in place.  Updating that is left for another time.
> Note that the use of graphics_alt means that none of the new terrain
> will actually show up, until there are more graphics.  But this has to
> commit first, so that artists can work on the graphics....

On this topic, but not for this ticket: I'd like to have an
'experimental' ruleset in svn, where all newly implemented features in
the code are put to use! If a feature is not visibile in any ruleset,
it will be forgotten just like bombardment.

Nothing that goes into 'experimental' need to be balanced, fully
implemented, or even completely stable. It'll be a testbed for those
not weak of heart. =)



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