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I'm trying to understand the goto problem reports, and one common thread
seems to be that folks are trying to use goto to explore.  Then, they
complain that it won't goto an unknown location (PR#15629), or the trireme
sinks, or the unit doesn't handle dangerous paths (PR#39697), or the unit
chooses suboptimal paths as they change during the goto (PR#13348), or
problems flying across unknown territory, or whatever.

In effect, this is really a cheat!  They are trying to get the server to
confirm information about places they don't know, or select good paths to
places that are obscured by fog-of-war.

I propose that whenever the goto is destined to an unknown location, the
cursor change to "explore" (or X or something) and the turns disappear.
The explore action should have a direction, and a destination.

It could zig-zag for optimal exploration coverage (which it should be
doing for AI units, anyway).

The server would have to select a new path every turn (which it should be
doing for AI units, anyway).

It would stop when the destination is confirmed unreachable (in that
direction), or an unfriendly unit is encountered.

The orders list would be simplified, using the technique currently used
for multi-part path selection.  (What, you didn't know that the current
code allows a goto, followed by a road, followed by another goto, etc?
Seems overly complicated, and undocumented, but it's in there....)

This is probably best done for 2.2, but it might be retrofitted to 2.1,
replacing the problematic patches proposed in PR#20772.

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