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For some reason my FreeCiv 210b6 Client stopped accepting keyboard commands, or 
mostly, erratically.  I can still use all the mouse commands, i think, i use 
the Client CUI pull-down menu Commands to actually move and play, uhg.

I have some keyboard control if i Quit and restart the save games, but it 
degenerates rather quickly, also when only able to use the mouse i cannot 
effectively switch from unit to unit, somehow if i try the units get 'joined' 
together and any commands i issue they both follow, like a Goto command.

I checked out my keyboard was not screwed-up by simultaneously using notepad in 
another background window and my keystrokes were as issued, no stuck meta keys, 

What can i submit to help resolve this issue?  I think i only changed a few 
city trade variables in the server options from the last time things worked 

Thanks for a really Cool Game!!  =)

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