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Unfortunately, pepeto merged some unrelated reports into PR#15854.
They were not even asserts/crashes in the same place in the code,
taken by different developers, and some had already been resolved.
Very annoying.

To summarize, assert/crash during goto hovering upon:

(1) click outside the main map for unit selection;

(2) click outside the main map for global positioning;

(3) death of a selected unit;

(4) end of turn timeout; and

(5) wakeup of sentry elsewhere.

I fixed (1) and (2) in PR#29982, and eliminated the (3) assert()
entirely in PR#39801.

This ticket is devoted to fixing (5).  The installed patch by Marko
merely cancels the goto, so that the focus can switch to the sentry.

At the time (2007 Sep 10), I objected to that solution.  Instead, a
queue for urgent attention should be added in control.c, so that
advance_unit_focus() will select them before looking elsewhere with

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