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Well, i uninstalled FC210b6, but have the save games and .fc files still, i was 
going to try these save games and .rc files in the new FC210 i have install at 
some point.  

Since i'm kinda getting from you that these issues are not reproducable, i'n 
looking into my USB keyboard, its drivers, the USB hub chips, and the weather 
conditions possibilities.  

Since i was able to see these issues quite often and obviously from the two bug 
reports i sent directly to you (that was during my confusion trying to send bug 
reports to Bugs@ or [EMAIL PROTECTED] because it says to that on the header of 
FreeCiv's Bug Tracker instead of [EMAIL PROTECTED])

What is the small window that keeps opening up and stealing my commands?  Some 
sort of chat/server command/debug window?  If i knew i could tell if this is 
part of the issue.

What are the real commands? are some unlisted?  I find that Shift-Home and just 
Home function the same, and that the map scroll commands either do or don't 
need the Shift also with the arrow keys??  There seems to be unlisted features 
and commands which has me confused somewhat, especially the tiny text window.

So, if you cannot reproduce the issues Dan, especially from the two Assertion 
Failed bugs i sent you this last weekend, then i will keep looking for the 
reasons both inside the game and in the system i have, for example i'll hook in 
two USB keyboards and see what happens between the two.  But since i switched 
off the beta6 to the new 210 release i will really be looking for bugs in the 
new release.

Really Great game!   =)

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From: "Daniel Markstedt" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: (PR#39810) Bug: Keyboard Commands Stopped Functioning!
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 05:19:52 -0800

<URL: http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=39810 >

> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Mon Oct 29 15:39:38 2007]:
> For some reason my FreeCiv 210b6 Client stopped accepting keyboard
>    commands, or mostly, erratically.  I can still use all the mouse
>    commands, i think, i use the Client CUI pull-down menu Commands to
>    actually move and play, uhg.
> I have some keyboard control if i Quit and restart the save games, but
>    it degenerates rather quickly, also when only able to use the mouse
>    i cannot effectively switch from unit to unit, somehow if i try the
>    units get 'joined' together and any commands i issue they both
>    follow, like a Goto command.
> I checked out my keyboard was not screwed-up by simultaneously using
>    notepad in another background window and my keystrokes were as
>    issued, no stuck meta keys, etc.
> What can i submit to help resolve this issue?  I think i only changed
>    a few city trade variables in the server options from the last time
>    things worked well.
> Thanks for a really Cool Game!!  =)

What's the status on this?

You mentioned in PR#39814 that it could have been a problem with your 


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