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After looking at the savegame I sent you again, I found that I suddenly own the 
city Ibadan, though I definitely never conquered it.

When I try to open the city dialog of Ibadan, the game crashes too. You will 
see, that Ibadan builds an Airport and gives no vision.

I tried to reproduce that one, but could not. I only have the savegame 10 turn 

William Allen Simpson wrote:
> <URL: http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=39818 >
> Christoph Petschnig wrote:
>> thanks for doing this great job!!! Btw, http://rt.freeciv.org/index.html 
>> won't 
>> let me login as 'guest' with the shown password 'viceerf'.
> Just verified that's broken, again....
>> Reproduce the bug:
>> End Turn
>> Byzantines will offer alliance -> accept treaty
>> Meet again with Byzantines
>> Select 'The Byzantines gives shared vision' (should that be 'give'?)
>> Accept treaty -> crash
> Excellent report!  Thanks.  Will try to verify.
> The remainder are fine ideas. Some have been suggested before.

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