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Making a child of the original multi-bug report.  See that report for the
very useful samegame.

verified in S2_1 and S2_2

Thread 0 Crashed:
0   civserver   0x0001c904 send_tile_info + 0x1a4 (maphand.c:495)
1   civserver   0x0001e838 really_give_tile_info_from_player_to_player + 0xfc 
2   civserver   0x0001e99c give_tile_info_from_player_to_player + 0x28 
3   civserver   0x0001c4e0 give_map_from_player_to_player + 0x68 (maphand.c:379)
4   civserver   0x0001eebc give_shared_vision + 0x334 (maphand.c:1201)
5   civserver   0x0001adac handle_diplomacy_accept_treaty_req + 0xc10 
6   civserver   0x00051474 server_handle_packet + 0x568 (hand_gen.c:286)
7   civserver   0x0000a2e4 handle_packet_input + 0x2c0 (srv_main.c:1145)
8   civserver   0x00017824 handle_incoming_client_packets + 0x48 (sernet.c:395)
9   civserver   0x00018088 sniff_packets + 0x810 (sernet.c:741)
10  civserver   0x0000b558 main_loop + 0x25c (srv_main.c:1778)
11  civserver   0x0000b7ac srv_main + 0x118 (srv_main.c:1899)
12  civserver   0x00002534 main + 0x578 (civserver.c:263)

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [Freeciv-Dev] (PR#39818) Reproducable Crash on Freeciv-2.1.0-gtk2
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 07:46:13 -0800
From: Christoph Petschnig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Reproduce the bug:

End Turn
Byzantines will offer alliance -> accept treaty
Meet again with Byzantines
Select 'The Byzantines gives shared vision' (should that be 'give'?)
Accept treaty -> crash

I could reproduce the bug everytime I tried. I created the savegame with
Freeciv-2.1.0-rc1-gtk2, but it crashes as well on Freeciv-2.1.0-gtk2. I play on
a WinXP machine, all service packs and updates.

I reckon the bug is in the management/update of unknown territories (black
tiles), since I had a crash there some days ago, when I got shared vision from
the AI, and right afterwards I moved my unit into a black tile and the game
crashed (but I could not reproduce it).

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