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>Good suggestion. I like it. Just one point: shouldn't it be "with Barracks"
>instead of "with a Barracks"? I'm not a native English speaker, but it
>doesn't feel right.
>Can anybody improve on Randy's suggestion?

    I suggest some wording that refers to the name of the EFT
(effect) that having a Barracks or Sun Tzu causes.  I can't remember
the name of it at the moment (I'll just call it 'upgrade' in this

    The reason for doing so is that it is more portable - i.e. the
wording will be appropriate for rulesets that may use other
buildings or wonders that cause the upgrade effect.  Consider this

    "Land units sometimes gain 'veteran' status by defeating an enemy
unit in combat.  Also, land units can be created with 'veteran'
status if they are created in a city where 'upgrade' is in effect.
The 'upgrade' can be caused by buildings (e.g. Barracks), Wonders
(e.g. Sun Tzu), or other factors defined in the ruleset."

     Replace 'upgrade' with the name of the EFT and see how it
sounds.  I still can't remember the name.  Sorry.



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