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On 11/5/07, William Allen Simpson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The server "knows" the city isn't there anymore.  It expands the border,
> but doesn't update the vision.  Probably, send_map_is_known_and_seen()
> needs to return TRUE when the tile is owned by the player.  Easy enough.
> Meanwhile, the server "knows" the client "knows" the city is there.  The
> border code currently has (at least) two potentially conflicting values:
>    struct player *owner;     /* Player owning this tile, or NULL. */
>    struct tile *owner_source; /* what makes it owned by owner */
> The latter isn't actually pointing to the source, it's pointing to the
> tile of the source.  That tile no longer really has the source on it in
> the server view, but has it in the client view!

But why is this a problem? The vision code and the border code should
not interact at all in the current design.

> Moreover, the savegame map_load should run map_calculate_borders().  Is
> there a reason it was only done between turns?

Because running it causes borders to expand, and saving then loading
should not change game state.

  - Per

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