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I want account couse i have already reported some bugs as guest and will 
report some bugs or features later, ussually with patches.

Maybe later I will join dev team as ocasional developer.

One more thing i have to say that code is really hard to read, maybe 
couse I ussually do OO, not functional way.

Daniel Markstedt wrote:
> Hi Tautvydas,
> Thanks for your interest in Freeciv! The preferred way to use RT is
> through the email interface. If you want a personal account, you'd
> have to give a good reason why one is absolutely neccessary for you.
> Kind regards,
> Daniel
Tautvydas Andrikys aka esminis <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
www.esminis.lt <http://www.esminis.lt>
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