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Jason Dorje Short wrote:
> If I'm not mistaken the city_owner field was removed a few days ago.

No, it is a long-time existing access function.  The problem here is that
my (PR#39841) string search and replace was confused by the annoying
camelcase and multiple levels of pointers, and my eyeballing misread it --
probably should be:

-  if (pCityDlg->city_owner(pCity) != game.player_ptr) {
+  if (city_owner(pCityDlg->pCity) != game.player_ptr) {

> But nobody has compiled the SDL client since apparently.
While I do my best to make the appropriate changes to each gui, the coding
standards require that GTK be tested, and each other gui be addressed in a
separate patch as necessary.

Thank you for testing!  MacOS Panther/Leopard users cannot compile sdl.
I'm working with the MacPorts developer on it....

> Not sure if this affects other branches.
Blindly patching, untested.

Committed S2_1 revision 13928.
Committed S2_2 revision 13929.
Committed trunk revision 13930.

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