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Jason Dorje Short wrote:
>> Naive is fine but you forgot to add the check to configure.ac.  Attached 
>> patch does that.
I didn't forget; that ensured my new code was compiled and tested....

> ... Yet it is 
> clearly present in the header, surrounded by #ifdef __USE_GNU which is 
> presumably being left undefined somehow in compilation while it was 
> defined properly during the configure check.
My guess is that the wrong string.h (or strings.h) is included.  We've been
having problems with includes for some time.  I have posted various reports
about it (PR#39403 still open, though I haven't tested it recently).  Like
you, I was having similar problems with the faculty present during configure
check, but not during compile.

Marko was poking at them last.

Since your original report turns out to be fixed by my patch, and it will
fix cygwin systems, and we've both verified it works correctly without the
configure.ac check, I'll commit it.

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