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On Sun, 2007-11-11 at 01:43 -0800, Erik Johansson wrote:
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> On Nov 11, 2007 8:30 AM, Tautvydas Andrikys <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> > This bug tracking system is very simple and it is hard to track bugs, no
> > milestones, no SVN view, etc.(or maybe I dont see that as reporter).
> >
> I think the most important thing is hosting for the bug system, people
> seems to think that the RT machine will go down anytime now (please
> correct me). I will not supply hosting for the system, because I can't
> promise continuity on my servers.
> /Erik

Also, with the recent release of Bugzilla 3, custom fields that may be
needed for this project are now largely, a configuration option.  This
also includes custom workflow.

On the import side, Bugzilla does support importing from XML.  An email
interface now comes with Bugzilla as well, though I'm not certain if
it'll accept new bugs at this point (haven't used it).

>From the administrative standpoint, I'll gladly teach someone who wants
to know how to maintain the system.

>From the hosting standpoint, if freeciv.org becomes a 401c3, then it
could collect donations so that it could pay for its own hosting if it
had to.

Has anyone looked into sourceforge?

BTW - this issue has been open for about two years and I'm wondering
(honestly) if a move like this will ever happen until someone decides to
kick in something to make it happen.  What that something is, I don't
know and as time goes on, I begin to care less and less.  It's not
because I don't want to see FreeCiv using an issue tracker that
encourages community participation, rather it's loosing interest in
spending energy trying to lead a team into something that it seems they
don't want (with some exceptions like possibly DanielM).

As I see it, it's not about Bugzilla vs. RT, it's about the usability of
the issue tracking system in place for open source development.
Searching in RT sucks in comparison to many other issue trackers
(Bugzilla, Jira, ...).  The way permissions are set up currently, it's
difficult to participate in a way that allows a contributor to find out
if an issue has already been reported, and if it has, what the current
state of the issue is.  Just looking at a list of bugs requires a login
at this point.  I could go on, but as I see it, these are barriers to
more development and review resources contributing to the project.

I strongly encourage current FreeCiv developers to go take a look at
http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/ to see a running example of Bugzilla and
how it's used for open-source development today.  Be aware that there
are companies using Bugzilla out there with over one million bugs
(issues) filed in their installations (Yahoo! is tracking well over


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