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> Hi guys,
> I'm experiencing problems after loading a saved game. I downloaded
> Freeciv 2.1 two days ago and had the same problem twice:
> - I'm using Windows XP
> - After a while the game stops. Sometimes it just shots down, sometimes
> it says "lost connection to server". When I try to load a saved game,
> the data is not saved correctly: production slots are wrong. when I
> produced in a city a certain thing, it is another one produced. When I
> load the attached game everything seams to be okay. But after finishing
> the current turn, the production of several cities changes.
> Hope this helps, I dont't know how to explain how to reproduce this. It
> just occurs...
> So long,
> Hendrik

Hi Hendrik,

Thanks for the report! What happend here is as your game crashed, your
player was turned into an AI player that changed all city productions
to its liking, then saved the game.

To restore sanity, you can always load the one savegame before this latest one.

Try disabling the server option 'autotoggle' since this is likley the
culprit. In-game, you can do File>Server options>Networking>Wheter
AI-status toggles with connection (off). Then please tell us if this
works better.

(If it does, I'd like to have this option turned off by default as a
workaround for this long-running issue.)


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