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> [wsimpson - Mon Nov 12 15:47:11 2007]:
> Pepeto _ wrote:
> > and say me that this stealth fighter can move to P1 and not go to
> > dangerous positions.
> > 
> Verified.  The stealth fighter, currently in the middle of the ocean,
> with 7/7 remaining, is unable to go to any dangerous position.  It could
> reach P1 on the other side of the continent on the next turn.  The code
> causes it to stop in P5 and refuel on the way.  Works (as all my previous
> tests have indicated.)

Issues as of S2_1 r13943:

- Can issue goto to any unsafe tile within its current moves. The unit
dies on EOT.

- Can issue goto to city two turns away, e.g. PY. The unit does not
refuel in city and dies on EOT.

- Can not issue goto to city more than two turns away, e.g. P1.


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