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I'm using MacOS 10.3.9, standard iso Amplio (shouldn't make a difference),
and standard GTK2 (shouldn't make a difference).

We are talking about a fighter to the S of the continent, in the middle
of the ocean.  It has moves (7)7.

Daniel Markstedt wrote:
> - Can issue goto to any unsafe tile within its current moves. The unit
> dies on EOT.
Let's concentrate on this.  This may be a difference of desired results.

As I have deliberately re-written the code, it displays the unreachability
of any tile more than it has enough fuel -- more than 7 away.

* On the 7th tile, the cursor turn number changes from 0 to 1.  This seems
a little odd to me, but I didn't change it, as I presumed this was chosen
for/by the gui designer.  (I don't like it, slightly confusing.)

* On the 8th tile, it displays a "forbidden" symbol.  (This is part of the
bug fix -- it used to display forbidden on the 7th tile.)  It will not
allow this distance to be selected.

It will reach anywhere it has enough fuel, even places it will die.  It has
to work this way, or you would be unable to set waypoints on its way home.
Waypoints was one of the bugs fixed.

I'm presuming that the user is not so stupid that they dump the unit in the
ocean.  However, I didn't want the *code* to keep *me* from doing it....

But now, I'm thinking about what happens to an AI using this code.  It
probably *would* just dump it in the ocean.  So, I could change the code to
prevent it for AI (or allow it for users).

The pseudonymous puppeteer also suggested (in his inimitable way) that the
code also disallow being able to return to the current dangerous position.
Not a goal for a human (it's obviously wrong), but maybe useful for an AI?

> - Can issue goto to city two turns away, e.g. PY. The unit does not
> refuel in city and dies on EOT.
When I tested before, it automatically went into P5.  Perhaps that was an
accident of the path.  Testing to PY, you are correct.  It inexplicably
runs out over the S ice continent.  The code path chooser is flaky.

This requires thought.  I only fixed a particular callback, not the entire
path chooser!  That would be a different PR!

> - Can not issue goto to city more than two turns away, e.g. P1.
If you set a waypoint in P5, you can go on to P1.  That's one of the
things that waypoints are for....

Perhaps the goto.c struct part code should keep a tally on a per waypoint
basis about refueling.  That would allow truly long term planning.

But why?  I certainly don't make moves for more than 2 turns, and I doubt
the AI could cope!?!?

And is this a 2.1 project goal?

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