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Pepeto _ wrote:
> - It ignores if unit hasn't its full moves left. For example, if your
> unit already did some move this turn, it check as your unit didn't make
> this moves.
Amazingly, you are actually correct.  I tried moving the fighter one move,
the display correctly shows (6)6 -- but the code passes in the value 7 to
the callback function!

Yet another annoying bug in the badly written pathfinding code.  My guess is
the entire thing needs to be reviewed -- some logic error elsewhere the fuel
isn't being properly decremented.  (All I can easily find are the places it's
_correctly_ decremented.)

But since the visual display is correct, this should not delay 2.1.1.

I don't think we should be doing any more than fixing crashers.  Code
improvements are for *.minor.* releases, not *.*.trivial releases.

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