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> [guest - Mon Nov 12 11:30:43 2007]:
> If the diplomat in the city attempts to subvert the barbarian legion
> with a bribe of 100 gold the game will crash.

#0  0x0812f8b2 in diplomat_bribe_yes_callback (pWidget=0x93ee968)
    at diplomat_dialog.c:1311
#1  0x0816e020 in widget_pressed_action (pWidget=0x93ee968) at widget.c:402
#2  0x081387e1 in main_mouse_button_down_handler (pButtonEvent=0x8298d9c, 
    pData=0x0) at gui_main.c:331
#3  0x081392b8 in gui_event_loop (pData=0x0, loop_action=0, 
    key_down_handler=0x813851f <main_key_down_handler>, 
    key_up_handler=0x8138785 <main_key_up_handler>, 
    mouse_button_down_handler=0x81387a0 <main_mouse_button_down_handler>, 
    mouse_button_up_handler=0x8138856 <main_mouse_button_up_handler>, 
    mouse_motion_handler=0x81388c7 <main_mouse_motion_handler>)
    at gui_main.c:700
#4  0x0813996e in ui_main (argc=1, argv=0xbfbd4bf4) at gui_main.c:1000
#5  0x08050945 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbfbd4bf4) at civclient.c:380

(gdb) p pIncite_Dlg
$1 = (struct small_diplomat_dialog *) 0x0

Seems the dialog has already been destroyed when the callback is
triggered.  This is a gui-sdl problem.


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