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Christian Prochaska wrote:
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>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Di 13. Nov 2007, 07:05:50]:
>> Daniel Markstedt wrote:
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>>> We ought to have a windows gtk package with embedded ggz client. Was
>> told
>>> on #ggz that the code is portable, with win32 binaries available
>> from http://
>>> ggzgamingzone.org/~oojah/
>>> Maybe we could make a special test package for 2.1.0.
>> Yes, the windows package should absolutely have GGZ built-in.
>> -jason
> Here's a package with GGZ support:
> ftp://ftp.freeciv.org/freeciv/packages/windows/testing/Freeciv-2.1.0-win32-gtk2-ggz-setup.exe
> but for some reason the Freeciv client doesn't connect to the Freeciv
> server. With the internal GGZ-GTK client the client freezes when trying
> to launch or join a Freeciv game and with the external GGZ-GTK client
> the Freeciv client gets started and shows the start page, but no message
> from the Freeciv server appears. According to the ggzd debug log
> (DumpFile option in ggzd.conf), the GGZ server didn't even receive the
> launch/join request from the client. Other GGZ games work fine, though,
> and there's also no problem with a linux client connecting to the same
> server, so I'm a little clueless about this problem at the moment.


> The attached patch was necessary to get the Freeciv client running at
> all with GGZ support on Windows. It sets the HOME environment variable
> before GGZ-GTK initialization, because GGZ-GTK depends on HOME for its
> configuration file (crashes otherwise).

How would you find the configuration directory on windows?  This is 
something that should be fixed within GGZ.


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