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> [dmarks - Mer. Nov. 14 11:37:18 2007]:
> > - A unit with 2 turns of fuel (example AWACS or Bomber) always can move
> > of it's half of it's moves, including when it's lost in the middle of
> > the ocean. Then it dies.
> >
> This is indeed a problem. It seems the code always assumes an air unit
> starts its turn on a safe tile, which is (practically) never the case
> when a two turn air unit starts its second turn of a mission.
> Actually, the only time a goto to an unsafe tile should be allowed for
> a non-attack move on the last turn of a mission is when the air unit
> sits on a safe tile.
>  ~Daniel

That's maybe why I thought about a unsafe status for positions. The
theory of it is very clear:
* safe: we can end there at the end of the turn to refuel
* unsafe: we cannot refuel there, but there is position to do in range
* dangerous: if we move there, we lose it.

But carriers are still a big problem. Maybe there isn't any good solution.

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