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On 11/14/07, Christian Prochaska <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> > [guest - Mo 12. Nov 2007, 12:26:51]:
> >
> > The sliders to set the values (gold, happy, etc.) do not work in the
> > governor menu of the cities. It is possible to use the presets but you
> > are not able to set the values yourself.
> >
> Can you describe a testcase showing the problem? I've never used the
> city governor so far and don't know exactly what's supposed to happen
> when moving the sliders.

The idea is that when you move the sliders, the value to the left of
it will change.

Actually, I tried a little harder now and found out it's actually
possible to move them - it's just very inconvenient. You have to grab
the slider and then move the pointer far to the left to activate it.
Then it's possible to adjust it in both directions as long as you hold
down the mouse button; c.f. the behavior in 2.1.0-rc1.


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