On 11/14/07, Mark Schoennauer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi:
> It seems like the Great Wall wonder has a few problems, although I'm not
> certain.  I don't have my saved games any more.  I should have included one.
> I produced it in my capital (British Isles scenario).  The walls may have
> appeared in my other cities after producing it, but I know later they seemed
> gone (still early in the game) -- if the Great Wall ever did show up in the
> map showing the cities, and a slice of the world.  The Great Wall continued
> to be listed as an improvement to my capital.  It also seemed unpredictable
> in its effects (not equivalent to the local improvement of a "city wall").
> Mark
> Please don't add my name and address to any list .. please.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the report! First, you know that wonders become obsolete on
the discovery of certain techs, right? From the wiki [[Wonders]]: "The
discovery of Metallurgy will make Great Wall obsolete."

In any case, a savegame that demonstrates the issue would be a huge
help in identifying this presumptive bug! The next time you think it
has happened, please don't forget to /save and attach the .sav.gz|bz2
to a reply to this mail. :)


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