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This is not a "cheat".  It's not possible for client goto to cheat since
it knows nothing more than what the player knows.

What actually happens is that a goto that ends in a dangerous tile is
disallowed by the "clever" dangerous-tile pathfinding code, causing no
end of annoyance to users who want to goto their planes and ships into
dangerous positions (generally while having enough movement left to get
back out).  But unknown tiles are not known (by client or player) to be
dangerous so the pathfinding code will happily send a trireme or plane
over them, again causing no end of annoyance to users who don't want
their planes to crash or ships to sink.

At various times it's been suggested to remove the dangerous-movement
system for triremes and just limit them to coastline.  (This had to wait
a couple years for us to implement different ocean terrain types
otherwise the same problem would crop up with unknown oceans).  However
this isn't a real fix (though it's certainly better for gameplay) since
planes have the exact same issue (plus fuel to make the math harder).

This is incidentally the same as PR#39697 which I will merge in.  Again,
the issue is that moving into dangerous tiles as trireme is perfectly
legal, the pathfinding is just too clever (or stupid) to allow it.


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