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Jason Short wrote:
> ...  your words show you clearly don't understand
> how client-side goto works.
Since I've just spent more than 3 months fixing your client-side goto bugs
to finally get 2.1 out the door, I'm pretty sure I've some understanding
about "how client-side goto works."

As I reported, "folks are trying to use goto to explore."  That is, they
*want* to cheat.  I included specific references.  Please read and think
before pontificating.

> What actually happens is that client-side goto assumes unknown tiles are
> generic, non-dangerous, base-move-level tiles.  This means your triremes
> and airplanes will happily goto over them and sink or whatever.
And the users expect/want them *not* to fail.  My proposal here gives a
visual indication to change that expectation, and provide what they want:
to explore.

> But it's not a perfect fix as there are many instances where you want to
> do goto with ships or goto just one tile into the unknown and you really
> would want to see the number of turns.
OK.  An easy improvement.

> Doing a goto into/through the unknown is not actually an explore. 

You are confusing a command with an ACTION_* -- it is in fact "an explore"
because the tiles are unknown.

> That is server goto.  Quite the opposite of client goto.  And yes that
> is what's used for AI units.  

You are confusing a command with an implementation -- the current code
actually uses a great deal of the server-side algorithms and structures.

> Undocumented, yes.  Incomplete, yes.  ...
And both should be done for 2.2.

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