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Pepeto _ wrote:
> And you turn your tickets to resolved when you don't test them and some
> says that it doesn't work (providing clues and savegames).
All of my tickets that are resolved are thoroughly tested and verified.
Requiring verification is a concept that I brought to this project!

You (repeatedly) claim that things don't work.  I've tested your claims,
and found them to be bogus.  Apparently, you don't know the meaning of
"work" -- or are incapable of describing your difficulties effectively.

Usually, it seems to mean you don't like the feature or design.  Hint:
code that actually does what it's intended to do works.

But I'm tired of your sniping.  Until somebody else verifies your
complaint(s), and brings them to my attention, I will no longer pay them
any mind.

I don't have time to argue with some anonymous, ignorant, 12-year-old.

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