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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Fri Nov 02 06:42:37 2007]:
> On 11/2/07,  <> wrote:
> > with reputation gone from freeciv, the Eiffel tower's role in the game
> > is diminished as of the moment
> >
> > "Your reputation and goodwill among other nations is increased while
> > you possess this wonder.  Reputation is recovered twice as fast as
> > it would otherwise.
> Maybe it is diminished, and maybe the helptext should be changed, but
> it does have its primary purpose intact: AI players will become more
> friendly over time with the owner of the Eiffel Tower. I think it is a
> nice wonder for new players who want to cuddle up to the AI players
> instead of making war on them. It is of course useless for
> aggressively minded, experienced players, but it was never meant for
> them in the first place.
>    - Per

It happens in advdiplomacy.c while iterating the relations between players:

 pplayer->ai.love[aplayer->player_no] +=
 get_player_bonus(aplayer, EFT_GAIN_AI_LOVE) * MAX_AI_LOVE / 1000; 

Rephrased to avoid singling out 'reputation' as a game concept. Patch
for S2_1.


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