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Jason Short wrote:
> Three of the four children of this ticket are closed.  The fourth is a
> wish-list item, not a bug.  Reading the massive number of posts in all
> five tickets is unfeasible.
The fourth is the proposed fix for the non-existent city displaying that
Daniel already noted.  It is an "enhancement" in that it requires a
re-design of the border and vision code.  I'll post my implementation after
I've had some more time to test.

Anyway, I usually re-read all the items in a ticket I'm working on.  Heck,
I often search (my email archives, RT sucks) for the past couple of years
for related items, or patches that touch the same code.

It's the difference between *my* checking the work, and asking somebody else
(or several somebodies that all read the list) to spend their time doing it.

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