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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Mon Nov 21 22:33:15 2005]:
>    In Linux version 2.0.7, games cannot be saved via the "save"
>    selection, rather, you must always create a new file to save a
>    game.  The problem is, it gives you a false sense of having saved
>    the game.  When you restart civ, you find that everything you did
>    is erased.  I am using kernel 2.6.14 with fluxbox manager.

Hi Robert

I just wanted to tell you that using the "save" menu items on Freeciv
2.1 always saves your current game. If you want to try it please
download  the latest version and try it out.

Freeciv will still overwrite any save game that conflict with the name
you choose, e.g. the default civgame-4000m.sav.gz you get when you do ^S

Have fun / Erik

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