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> > Erik Johansson wrote:
> > > Elephants are towering animals trained for war and powerful shock
> > > troops, but have bad defense against all units.
> > >
> > Elephants are towering animals trained for war that are often used as
> > powerful shock troops, but defend poorly against most other units.
> >
> > Why are these only in civ2 and not default?
> >
> This is an age-old balancing decision I think. Environmentalism,
> Fundamentalism, Fanatics, Crusaders, and Solar Plant are also omitted
> in default.

Those aren't all balance issues IMO.  Admittedly I don't know what all
those entities do but in addition to balance some civ2 features were
left out because the code didn't support it, because graphics weren't
available, or because whoever made the ruleset simply thought they were
a bad idea.  Freeciv was originally based on civ1 after all and some old
ruleset makers didn't like changes that altered fundamental gameplay.

Fundamentalism for instance was certainly left out because it is kills
game balance, but (until recently?) there was no code to support this
government type either.

Err...elephants?  Not sure about them.  How is that a balance issue though?


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