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Since this seems to be a moment to fix text in 2.1, this is an easy one.  

Changing those sub-menus to "_List" would actually make some sense, as 
these manage the columns in the listings.

Also, looking at gui-gtk-2.0/menu.c, there's a lot of mistakes.  The 
most prominent is main menu "Gover_nment".  This conflicts with F2 

Elsewhere in the same file, it's "_Government" (and in win32 
"Gov_ernment").  I don't see how this ever even works (the strings 
will not match)!

For these main menu items, this is not good.  The standard human 
interfaces guideline for both Macs and Windows would be "_Edit" in 
that position (while "_Help" is OK).

An examination of the items under it show that it does in fact edit.  
Change Government is only _one_ item in the list.

I'll make the patch assuming that translators have already selected 
alternatives that do not conflict, and therefore should not be 
disturbed.  I'll add fuzzy.

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