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In the 2.1.0 Gtk2 client, when paradropping a Paratrooper unit, the unit
info on the left always says "Unreachable", regardless of whether the
cursor is over a point where the paradrop would succeed.

The attached screenshot illustrates this. It's from one of the betas
from before PR#39693 was fixed, so instead of "Unreachable" it says
"Turns to target: 1000000000 to -1", but the underlying bug is the same
and remains in the 2.1.0 release.

This is a cosmetic problem and doesn't impact the mechanics of the
paradrop. I'm not sure what it should display instead; I suspect the
display should be special-cased for the "paradrop" action. It would be
nice if there was an indication somewhere of whether the cursor was
within the 10-tile limit so that I didn't have to count tiles.

Running on Kubuntu Linux 6.06 ("Dapper").

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