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With this recent talk of border design, I'd like to outline an idea of
mine: "regional borders".

In the current implementation, city radiuses are sometimes more
expansive than national borders, sometimes less. This is IMO bad
design and potentially confusing for players.

Regional borders is an evolution of the concept of city radius. Simply
speaking, each city is the source for and in direct control of a
section of the national territory.

- City workers are able to work on and only on the tiles controlled by
the city. In this design, cities start out with less workable tiles,
but may potentially gain control of many more as its population and
administrative power grows.
- Regional borders are visually marked on the map similarly to today's
city radius, with the addition of inter-regional borders. To avoid
clutter, other players' regional borders aren't displayed.
- Regional borders may fluctuate as cities grow, based on the
deterministic borders code.
- Merging regions: a city may be merged into an adjacent region, with
all population being relocated to the new regional capital.  (This is
an answer to the often-heard "I wanna disband a city" request.)



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