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OK, great.  Because the issue (borders appearing under foreign cities) 
was originally reported against 2.1, I made some extra effort to design 
for both 2.1 and 2.2.  But there's more freedom with 2.2-only.

The borders do expand gradually (see the code), they just start with 
something useful.  As you say, more player friendly.

We could change the algorithm to be more civ3-like, where you takeover 
some really large city, but it restarts the border at single tile range.  
Then, the large city starves.  That's an idea that could fit well with 
cultural expansion, too.  I'll think about how to do it!

I agree about needing military to claim land.  But, I think the problem 
with settlers is allowing them to settle inside somebody else's border.  
Should that be a game option (to turn off)?

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