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> [guest - Fri Nov 23 18:43:31 2007]:
> Right now the city naming depends on the city placement, e.g. are 
> rivers or mountains or cost fields nearby.
> I have a new idea. How about attaching to each possible city name two
> numbers, one for relative east-west and one for relative north-south
> location of the real city in the real world. Taking this into account
> when creating new cities, the relative positioning on the map will
> reflect a little bit the real city location.
> Even if this option will abandon the original geographic surrounding 
> it is in the current game, I think a relative correct placement of
> cities might be a nice feature too.

Interesting idea but (1) would only work for real-earth scenarios and 
(2) depends on being able to find the lattitude/longitude for a tile 
which is not currently supported (unless you assume the scenario map 
runs from -180 to +180 longitude and -90 to +90 latitude which is not 
the case for most).

Nonetheless it wouldn't be too hard really.


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