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> [guest - Mon Nov 05 15:18:53 2007]:
> Hi Freeciv Team
> I'm just wondering if it is a feature or really a bug. Plying freeciv
> 2.1 for some days and found a difference in the happiness to the
> previous encountered game behavior.
> Right now I am ruling with a republic, and the rules tell me that I 
> 4 content players in each city up to a level of 13 cities. If I cross
> that limit I have 3 content and 1 unhappy. And now comes the bug (or 
> feature?), if I cross that limit again with 27 cities, then I have 2
> content and 2 unhappy workers. Is this wanted?

Pretty sure it is the intended behavior, yes.  IIRC the setting is 
called empire_size_inc and gives 1 extra unhappy citizen for each (in 
this case) 13 cities.

What do the rules (docs) say?  Something different?


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