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> Not really, it's more of a security thing.
> Quote from one of our kernel guys: "The problem is that without a mode
> being passed, the kernel uses whatever the stack contents are. And yes,
> its conceivable the stack contents could create a world writable setuid
> file which cannot ever be the intended operation."

Speaking as a long-time Internet security guy, that sounds like a 
serious userland/kernel interface implementation bug!!!!

First of all, according to the documentation, the mask is optional -- 
you really need to use varargs here, that's what the "..." means in the 
documentation prototype.

Secondly, according to the documentation, the mask is AND'd with the 
current umask.  There *MUST NOT* be any way for AND to set new bits!

I'll pass this along to the Linux NFS kernel maintainers when I see 
them on Wednesday....

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