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> <URL: http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=39900 >
> There must be a language barrier here, or you didn't read the relevant
> problem report.

No, I didn't. Which PR number?

> (1) The buttons (in this dialog) are phrased as a desired user action.
> "Select", "Display", "Update", etc.
> (2) The user doesn't want to Open the city, they want to Change, Modify, or
> Update the city itself.  Open Window or Popup have no actionable meaning
> here (other than to a programmer).

'Update' is misleading. It's rather 'change'. But you also have
'change' in the production submenue.

Opening a window *has* a meaning to the user, not (only) the
programmer. If you select 10 cities, and click 'Update', nothing is
updated, but you get confronted with 10 open city windows. Thats
certainly suprising.

The prob is the 1:n ratio in the UI city report/window.

> (3) You cannot use any of _O, _C, or _W; they are already taken.  The
> original problem report is about the inability to use Alt- to activate the
> menu items, a serious usability issue!
> (4) When translating, you do understand that you have to select "_" keys
> based on the GUI panes visible?  Each translation can have different keys,
> correct?

This is something I haven't really checked, or had had the time to do
up to now. Thank you for pointing out.


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