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Christian Knoke wrote:
> No, I didn't. Which PR number?
Your reply included the PR# in your second message, so we know you've
previously seen it....

> 'Update' is misleading. It's rather 'change'. But you also have
> 'change' in the production submenue.
As I suspected, a language problem.  Alter, Change, Edit, Modify, and
Update are all relatively synonymous.  Update is a technically clearer
choice here than change (which is a very ambiguous generic term).


_Change would of course conflict with many screens -- as would C_hange,
Ch_ange, Cha_nge, Chan_ge, Chang_e -- so we cannot use it here.

_Modify would conflict with _Map (which is *always* displayed).

_Update (or _Upgrade on other tabs) is a much *safer* menu choice.

> The prob is the 1:n ratio in the UI city report/window.
I suspect the user will only make this mistake once....  OTOH, it appears
that the screen designer had this intent, as otherwise there isn't much
use for the Select button.

Note that _Update isn't allowed (grayed out) until a city is selected.
Visual indication of its direct relationship to a city.

The same would happen with any imperative command with many selections.
Note that _Buy will cause a similar multiple incidents, and Cen_ter has
no possible meaning (somebody should look at that).

Perhaps Buy, Center, and Update should be grayed out whenever more than
one city is selected.

> This is something I haven't really checked, or had had the time to do
> up to now. Thank you for pointing out.
A language problem compounded by lack of understanding the menu system.

You are welcome.  I look forward to your further feedback when you've
checked *all* of the translations for possibilities (as I already did).
Each translator is responsible for their own Alt-key conflict resolution.

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