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As noted elsewhere, the second item in the main menu bar should be _Edit.

At some time the the not-too-distant past, somebody changed _Edit to
Gover_nment in GTK2, or Gov_ernment in win32, and who knows what else.

This is bad from a UI standpoint, or from Human Interface Guidelines.  It
conflicts with several tabs and other screens.

_Government, G_overnment, Go_vernment, Gove_rnment, Gover_nment, Govern_ment,
and Governmen_t all conflict.  This was a very poor choice for the main menu.

The _Edit msgid is still present in most 2.1 po file's #~ sections, and will
be relatively easy to change back.

There is only one item in the menu that has anything to do with Government
or changing government, and it has its own key!  I'd put it in next to the
Government icon in the main panel, instead.

We should combine the rest with Editor menu items in 2.2.

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