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Castanier Carl wrote:
> ... A
> program who miscompile is NOT cleanly written and I had make an effort to
> post patch to clean up this code. You can leave this patch as many others...

The patch changes the order of the menu, and adds a special case for the
-1 you changed to be the last item instead.

A compiler that mis-compiles without error messages is not well written.

A project that doesn't compile with a buggy compiler optimization option is
not a problem in and of itself.  It's called an "option" for a reason.

> I had never seen a project who dont compile with -02 or they solve
> immediately the problem. 

I suggest you Google this issue.  I know that there were problems at netbsd,
gimp, ghostscript, ....  Some of the best in the business!

I think that after we've told you "WARNING" and you do it anyway, you are
not being helpful to us.  We really appreciate helpful bug reports.

And we don't appreciate even lousy attempts at crude language.

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