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Erik Johansson wrote:
> Are there tools available for this, 

Not that I'm aware of.

> ... or guidelines, 




> ... is there anyway to
> mark strings that are active on the same screen?

Nope.  Pretty straightforward: bring up a game, hit F1, F2, ..., look at
the menu items, and try out the shortcut keys to make sure they work.

> ... Because the times
> I've done translation it's almost impossible to know what you should
> use as a shortcut key. I think in most cases it might not be a good
> idea to add shortcut keys.
Actually, *every* action needs a shortcut key, so that disabled users can
select them without a mouse.  Which is a specified goal for 2.1, and what
the previous bug report described.

> Further I think Escape should be used to access the map, it's the most
> important of all the shortcut keys but is the most awkward to use.
> Pluss that would also free up alt-m.
Escape is *always* cancel.

I've tried out <tab> -- it doesn't seem to do anything yet.

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