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William Allen Simpson wrote:

>> ... Because the times
>> I've done translation it's almost impossible to know what you should
>> use as a shortcut key. I think in most cases it might not be a good
>> idea to add shortcut keys.
> Actually, *every* action needs a shortcut key, so that disabled users can
> select them without a mouse.  Which is a specified goal for 2.1, and what
> the previous bug report described.

You've correctly identified the problem but I still see no solution 
proposed.  Leaving it all for the translators without any support is 
simply not going to work.

Improving documentation and differentiation among strings would be a 
quick improvement.  TRANS comments and translation prefixes (with one 
?window: prefix per different window that is self-conflicting) can help 
translators to tell which strings must avoid conflict.  This will 
probably require the use of Q_ to be added in many places.  And it will 
only go so far as it is still up to the translator to check for 
conflicts at the end.

Another useful tool might be listing all commands available on each 
screen, with shortcut.  A simple text output to do so can then be 
checked by translators and conflicts will be apparent.  But this output 
must not be tied to any GUI and therefore will be tedious to maintain.

A third tool would be auto-detection of conflicts at runtime.  An output 
message (or even a popup window) could alert the user to report a bug. 
This would be easy to maintain, once written, but requires the game to 
be run for conflicts to be checked.

None of these seems fully satisfactory to me.


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