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Jason Dorje Short wrote:
> Neither "update" nor "change" is synonymous with opening a popup window. 
>   Nor are any of the other synonyms.  In fact, nothing is updated or 
> changed when the button is pressed.
(heavy sigh)  Someday, somebody else will read the HIG before arguing.  Yes,
I've been an Apple developer since 1985, so I've certain expectations.  And
I'm much less familiar with Gnome HIG, as my expertise on Unix is primarily
network code.  But still, they don't seem that terribly different.

As I explained earlier (and I wish you'd read the entire thread before
replying), opening a popup window is a programming concept.  It is not a
user concept.

The user concepts here are phrased in "action" terms (all city related):

   Select, Display, Update, Buy, and Center.

Select does not select anything, it brings up a floating menu.

Display does not display anything, it brings up a floating checklist.

Update does not update anything, it brings up a floating window.  Nobody
cares that it is called a "popup" window in GTK (and has other names in
other GUI environments).

"Popup" is not something you can do to a city.  I'd like to see you try!
There are some fine SF stories along those lines....

This is only one of two places this idiotic term was used, and I've fixed
both of them!

> Buy is supposed to have a confirmation dialog (not sure if it's per-city 
> or not).
That doesn't happen here.  But I agree that it should!

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