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Bug in the diplomacy model reported against 2.1

Short description of the situation:
Your AI opponents A and B are allied.
1. You have never met B, but have alliance with A.
2. Now as you meet B, your relation to B changes from 'no contact' to
war, but simultaneously you get a ceasefire proposal.
3. Before you resolve diplomacy with B, A tells you they break the
alliance since you are now at war with their ally B.
4. I could resolve this by accepting B's proposal, then proposing
alliance with A.

The error at point 3 here is that the default relation is War, even to
allies of your allies. If this applies to peace parties to your allies
I don't know yet. This is somehow a design error or hole in the
diplomacy model. One way to resolve it is to use a different first
relation than war in point 2, for example cease-fire.

I regrettably have no savegame yet.

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