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On 11/26/07, Ulrik Sverdrup <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Bug in the diplomacy model reported against 2.1
> Short description of the situation:
> Your AI opponents A and B are allied.
> 1. You have never met B, but have alliance with A.
> 2. Now as you meet B, your relation to B changes from 'no contact' to
> war, but simultaneously you get a ceasefire proposal.
> 3. Before you resolve diplomacy with B, A tells you they break the
> alliance since you are now at war with their ally B.
> 4. I could resolve this by accepting B's proposal, then proposing
> alliance with A.
> The error at point 3 here is that the default relation is War, even to
> allies of your allies. If this applies to peace parties to your allies
> I don't know yet. This is somehow a design error or hole in the
> diplomacy model. One way to resolve it is to use a different first
> relation than war in point 2, for example cease-fire.

I agree that this is a hole in the new diplomacy rules.

There are two ways to fix this:
 - When you first meet an ally of your ally, the default state is
cease-fire (brokered by your ally), and perhaps an offer of peace.
 - Or, when your ally allies someone you haven't met, you
automatically meet this player, too, if yo have not already, and
become in peace relation to it. (Peace brokered by your ally.)

Let me know which one you prefer, and I can make a patch.

  - Per

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