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With the demise of pubserver GGZ is the natural replacement, as it has 
worked with freeciv for some years now.


freeciv.ggzgamingzone.org points to the "main" GGZ server, a rather 
small machine used primarily for spades games.  However the default 
profile hard-coded in freeciv is for pubserver.freeciv.org as the 
server.  This patch should be applied to change that default profile, or 
pubserver.freeciv.org should be changed to point to 

Having done that simply compile Freeciv 2.1.1 with

   ./configure --with-ggz-client --enable-client=gtk

and you should be good to connect directly to the server (you'll need at 
least 3 GGZ packages/libraries to get through the configure process, 
libggz, ggz-client-libs, and ggz-gtk-client).  If this is packaged with 
the windows GTK client then we should quickly have a player base.

For the SDL client things are a bit more work.  You can't connect to the 
gaming server from within freeciv; rather you have to run an external 
client to connect and then it will launch freeciv when you join a game. 
  This would mean one of the GGZ clients should be bundled with the SDL 
client for windows.


Index: client/ggzclient.c
--- client/ggzclient.c	(revision 14083)
+++ client/ggzclient.c	(working copy)
@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@
     user_username(buf, sizeof(buf));
     cat_snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "%d", myrand(100));
-    ggz_embed_ensure_server("Pubserver", "pubserver.freeciv.org",
+    ggz_embed_ensure_server("Pubserver", "freeciv.ggzgamingzone.org",
                            5688, buf);
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