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Egor Vyscrebentsov wrote:
> What about
>    Your majesty, ...
> and similar? (Seems to be a unisex form in all languages I know about.)
> Camrade for Communism makes the same thing.
Your highness and excellency are also non-gender specific.  But what would
you do for Republic and Democracy?  Remembering history, the US Congress
argued for a long time (Adams favored "Excellency") before settling on the
simpler "Mr. President" -- but that won't work here....

Once upon a time, the CDC Scope/Hustler operating system console said:

   "Yeah Master, what be thy bidding?"

That seemed fine -- until we had women in computer science.  There was one
in the year before me (the only woman in "The Soul of a New Machine"), and
several in my cohort.

Until somebody writes a nation-title-gender-address function, I'll just
remove the address.  Actually, it seems okay without the "flavor".

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