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Jason Dorje Short wrote:
> I'm not sure how it should be fixed.  There's a lot of unit-specific 
> unit commands that should be disabled when there's a tabbed report open.
While attempting to do the apostrophe Chat PR#39912, I've found at least
part of it!

In client/gui-gtk-2.0/gui_main.c keyboard_handler(), the code is simply
insane....  Scrolling without checking for scroll bars enabled.  In one
place checking for map_canvas in focus, and in most others not checking.

It's really stupid to require >= GTK 2.4, but continue to use structures
that were deprecated by 2.4 (and obsolete long before then).

And whomever wrote the battlegroup code should be strung up by their toes
for awhile.  While I'm thinking about it, amputate their fingers, too.
Problems here, problems I've spent many hours fixing in goto, everywhere!

This code begs for a complete re-write.  Who's the GTK expert around here
these days?  There are damn good reasons I'm not a gui programmer, and
this utter frustration is one of them.

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