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William Allen Simpson wrote:
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> Jason Dorje Short wrote:
>> On that topic, why do we have a 2.2 already?  
> You should, of course, re-read your messages circa Sep 12th.

Negative.  "RTFM" is not an acceptable answer on this mailing list.  If 
you can give me a search term I'll be happy to peruse a specific thread. 
  But I suspect the 10 seconds it would take you to do that would be 
better spent giving a 10-second summary of the reason.

> I'd be happy to stop posting any patches at all to trunk, and use 2.2
> as the development branch....  It really is a waste of time doing
> everything twice or three times.

That was, in fact, entirely my point.  Which is why I wonder why we have 
2.2 yet.


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