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> On Sun, 2007-11-11 at 09:07 -0800, Per Inge Mathisen wrote:
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> > On Nov 11, 2007 5:43 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > From the hosting standpoint, if freeciv.org becomes a 401c3, then it
> > > could collect donations so that it could pay for its own hosting if it
> > > had to.
> > 
> > The problem has always been to find someone who could host it with an
> > absolutely minimum of work needed to maintain it from our end.
> > 
> > Registering and maintaining a charity is almost a full time job.
> > 
> > > Has anyone looked into sourceforge?
> > 
> > Last I checked, it could not run bugzilla.
> > 
> >   - Per
> > 
> Hosting Bugzilla is actually very lightweight on time intensiveness from
> an administrative perspective. It's now possible to give the ability to
> manage individual product configurations to individuals that are not
> administrators without giving away the keys to the rest of the
> installation.  In the past three years, I can count on one hand the
> number of times I had to fix things with Bugzilla, Apache, and MySQL
> (Linux based).
> In any case, I don't really care if it's Bugzilla, Sourceforge, Trac,
> Jira, or something else.  My point is that right now, the current issue
> tracking system could do a lot more to help foster contributions.
> Rather than spending a lot of resources fixing RT, why not use something
> that does a much better job meeting the needs out of the box?
> Kevin

If Bugzilla is indeed as easy to maintain as you say, I could volunteer
to take responsibility for it.

The question of hosting remains. AFAIK, four alternatives have been
proposed over the years:


Let's go through them:

freeciv.org: Our own aging servers in Paul's basement. Are they up to
the task? 
sourceforge.net: The question was if bugzilla could run on SF.net webspace?
icculus.org: IIRC, this was Per's contact. Status?
seul.org: IIRC, this was Egor's contact. Status?


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